The Roen Saloon

Located on the west end of Niagara St. (10199), this saloon was a popular watering hole for 30 years.

Andrew Roen came to Empire in 1892 to work for the Empire Lumber Co. and in 1895 began his long run in the saloon business. Being located just across the street from the Western Hotel and close to the saw mill made the saloon popular with travelers, homesteaders, mill workers, dock wallopers, loggers, rail road workers and anyone else with a thirst to quench. The last receipts we have from the saloon are dated 1925. It is unknown how much later it operated until it was purchased and razed by Joe Dhuyvetter about 1936.

Most of the fixtures are original and were purchased at the Roen Family Auction held in 1985 after the last two of the five sons of Andrew and Randi Roen were found dead in the family farmstead just east of Empire. The back bar, main bar, tables, light fixtures, license, room partition and and tobacco cabinet were some of the many original items purchased by our heritage group at this auction.

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