Beeman Barn Exhibits

The Billy Beeman Barn was added to the Empire Museum Complex in 1990. This was made possible with money from the estate of Billy Beeman, lifelong resident of the Empire area. Recently, in 2015, a wonderful addition was added more than doubling the size of this barn.

Here are a few of our many horse drawn vehicles featuring mostly winter transportation.

Our Michigan Trail Riders Assoc. display. The M.T.R.A. has been active for over 50 years bringing the Michigan Shore to Shore trail into and out of Empire with hundreds of horse trail riders each year. This trail extends across the State of Michigan and we are very proud to have this display in their honor.

One of the few "Empire Boats" to be produced in Empire in the early 1960's. These fiberglass boats were manufactured here in our village after a group of business men attempted to bring more employment to the village. Very few boats were ever produced and we are lucky to have an example of their attempts.

Other Exhibits

Check out the other exhibits we have in the EAM complex. These links will take you to pages that will give you a small taste of what we have--and we hope that you might want to come experience all we have in person!

The Main Museum -- Lots of farm stuff in a cool old barn.
Taghon's Station -- Something short and sweet as a teaser.
The Schoolhouse -- Sit at an old desk, take a test, again, a teaser line
The Hose House -- Yada yada yada about fire station stuff.